Variations for Conductive agar Ag03


Conductive agar Ag03

Created By: Elisabeth Lorenzi  
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Step one

Put the 2 grams of agar agar and 1ml of glycerol in a pot and then add a little bit of the water amount to mix it together.

Step two

Add the rest of the water and put it over a stove/hotplate. Stir the mixture a few more times. Heat the mixture to 95 C or to just below boiling point.

Step three

Add the 5grams of salt anf then keep stirring for a while. Allow the mixture to become some degrees cooler before putting it in a mold. It will get solid when it gets cool.

Step four

Let the mixture cool and dry in the mold until it loses most of its moisture. It can take a few days or a week, depending on the environment room temperature and humidity level.

Step five

If the bioplastic loses its conductive properties, all you need to do is rehydrate it a bit with a water dropper and let the agar biomaterial absorb the water. Variation notes: The variation on the salt proportion doesn’t make a more conductive mixture or sample.