Variations for Mussel | alginate Composite Mu01


Mussel | alginate Composite Mu01

Created By: Carolina Pacheco  
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Step one

1. Wash the mussel shells to remove remaining waste and dry.

2. Place the shells inside a cloth bag and smash them with a hammer.

3. Sift shells with a 5mm sieve to control the maximum size of shell particles.

4. Use a blender to grind the particles until they become powder

5. Once again, use a 1mm strainer to control the particles of the mussel powder

Step two

Mix the alginate powder with the water to make a 2.5% alginate solution. Stir to dissolve and leave hydrating for at least 24 hours.

Step three

Mix 300 ml of the ground mussel shells with 150 ml of the alginate solution.

Step four

Pour the mixture into a mould and place it in a dehydrator at minimum temperature (35ºC)  until the piece is completely dried.