Variations for Clementine peel | Carrageenan Kappa


Clementine peel | Carrageenan Kappa

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Step one

Pour 450ml of water at room temperature into a saucepan. Then gradually add the 15g of carrageenan kappa to the water.

Step two

Put the saucepan on the stove and then the heat up to a high setting. Then stir the mixture with a spatula and continue to stir until all the lumps are dissolved.

Step three

Once the mixture become a consistent solution, add the 5ml of glycerol ontinue to stir for another minute or so.

Step four

Now add the clementine peel. I made mine into a powder, but it could be a fine powder or thicker pieces depending on the effect you want. You can vary the quantity depending on the texture and properties you want from the final material.

Step five

Once the clementine peel is mixed in, pour the mixture onto you tray or mould.

Step six

Leave to airdry for 1-3 days. Once it is dry, carefully peel off.