Variations for Chitosan 12% - Stiff behaviour


Chitosan 12% - Stiff behaviour

Image Credit :

Soraya Bornaz


Step one

Measure out the ingredients.


Step two

Add 200 ml of hot tap water at 70 to 80 deg C. Add 20 ml of Vinegar.

Stir with the blender. 

Add progressively the 24g Chitosan and stir again until a homogeneous solution is obtained.

Place 5 ml of Glycerol and stir the mix until a homogeneous solution is obtained.

Step three

Cast the mix on a flat surface or on a mold.

The thickness of the dried object will 10 to 30% of the thickness of the cast solution.

Step four

Leave the material drying in open air until it becomes solid. Demold it soon enough to avoid bending.