Variations for Sawdust | pine resin Saw03


Sawdust | pine resin Saw03

Created By: Tamara Schwarz  
Image Credit :

Tamara Schwarz


Step one

Weigh the sawdust and pine resin using the proportiones of your choice.

Step two

Light the stove to medium temperature and place the cooking pot on top of it. Add pine resin.

Step three

Let the pine resin dissolve on its own until become completely liquid. You will see big and small bubbles forming. You can help the process mixing the pine resine with a spoon until you don't see bubbles anymore.

Step four

Insert the sawdust and mix it quick.  You will see chunks of sawdust and resin at the beginning. Break them with a spoon to get a mixture that is granulate as possible. This step shouldn't take to long so the sawdust doesnt burn.

Step five

Turn off the stove and rapidly pour the mixture into a flat-bottomed mold.

Step six

Use the weight rapidly and press the mixture for 3 minutes.