Variations for Tapioca composite


Tapioca composite

Created By: Malavika Byju  
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Step one

Boil the tapioca skin for 10-15 minutes in a steel container with half-filled water on a stove. Drain out the water and the brown brittle skin floating on the water surface.

Step two

Let the skin cool down for 5-10 minutes. Blend the skin in a mixe/blender by adding 50 ml of water until it becomes a loose paste.

Step three

Transfer the paste into a bowl and add 50 gms of atta and 5 ml of vinegar and mix it thoroughly and store inside the refrigerator for 48 hours.

Step four

Take out and drain out the water layered formed over it. keep it out for few minutes and let it reach room temperature.

Step five

Now, spread the compound on the baking tray in the desired shape.

Step six

Pre-heat the oven under 180-degree Celsius and then place the tray inside the oven and bake it for 6 minutes under 180-degree Celsius.

Step seven

The output quantuty of this should be one sheet of Tapioca compound measuring 30cm2 and 0.5cm thickness.

Step eight

The main ingredient of the compound is tapioca skin. The staple diet of my native place is tapioca hence the waste (tapioca skin) generated from the tapioca is large and eventually ends up in the waste bin. This inspired me to do the experimentation with tapioca skin.
The characteristics of this new material 'Tapatta' formed are high strength equivalent to coconut shell, water-resistant, and has the potency to heat transfer and not so opaque. It can be used as a replacement for wooden photo/paint frame, small trays, pencil,pen stands etc