Variations for Bundle dye - Japanese Knotweed (leaf)


Bundle dye - Japanese Knotweed (leaf)

Created By: Marina Belintani  
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Step one

Wash the yellow and green leaves and let them dry.

Step two

Add the leaves into a blender separately by colour. At the end you will have green and yellow powdered leaves.

Step three

Take half of each colour and pour into an individual tray in the oven 180 graus Celsius for 30 min.

Step four

Now you have 4 different powdered leaves to play around on your fabric.

Step five

Moisten the piece of fabric/t-shirt with water.

Step six

Cut a piece of plastic film (bigger than the fabric) and place it on a flat surface. Place the flat fabric over the plastic film.

Step seven

Scatter the powdered leaves on the fabric. Try to cover all the areas, including edges, for the most even colouring.

Step eight

Cut another piece of plastic film and place over the fabric.

Step nine

Fold the fabric to keep the powders from moving. It will make bundling easier. Roll up quite tightly, avoiding creases.

Step ten

You can roll up the piece of fabric/t-shirt by making a

Step eleven

You can roll up the piece of fabric by making a

Step twelve

Steam for at least an hour. Make sure the bundle is not gonna get wet during the process.

Step thirteen

Let your bundle cool down, preferably overnight. The longer you wait, the more time the dye has to penetrate the fibres.

Step fourteen

Shake the fabric to remove the powdered leaves and leave it without washing for 3 days.

Step fifteen

After 3 days, rinse the fabric under cold running water.