Variations for Grass Paper


Grass Paper

Created By: Gabriella Timanti  
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Step one

Boil grass (freshly cut or not) in water for 1-2 hours. Stir occasionally.

Step two

Drain grass.

Step three

Beat grass with a rolling pin/mallet hammer or similar until slightly pulpy.

Step four

Fill a large tub with water until about half full.

Step five

In your blender, put a bit of water and grass until it becomes a pulp. Empty into the tub after each go.

Step six

If you want, add petals or any other material you with to show on top of the grass paper.

Step seven

Swish your hand in the water to make sure the fibres are evenly spread through the water.

Step eight

Using the mould and deckle, whilst holding firmly, scoop up some pulp and hold horizontally until the water has drained through back into the tub.

Step nine

Flip onto a cloth and peel the deckle off. Then place another cloth on top.

Step ten

Repeat steps until you feel you cannot make anymore sheets.

Step eleven

Lay a heavy weight on top of the sheets for 20 minutes.

Step twelve

Then, remove the weight and place the paper sheets spaced out on a flat surface (or a mould if you want to achieve shape), so they can dry out.