Variations for Yerba bioplastic


Yerba bioplastic

Created By: Ana Laura Cantera  
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Step one

Mix all the ingredients together in a cooking pot: Gelatin 13 grams, vegetable glycerol 6 grams, water 250 militres and used yerba mate te leaves).


Step two

On the stove or using a burner, heat the mixture until it boils.

Step three

When you take the mixture away, let it cool down until it is only warm in temperature and then pour on a plastic or metal surface. Ensure that the surface has edges and that it is also flat/level.

Step four

Let your biomaterial dry. You can use a fan to dry the material and speed up the process if you want to produce the material faster.

Step five

If you want to prepare a more flexible plastic, you have to use a food processor to grind the used yerba mate.