Variations for Avocado pit clay composite


Avocado pit clay composite

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Step one

Start by grating the avocado pit; this can be cooked or uncooked, but the amount of force you need to grate it will vary.
Then measuring 20mg of potato starch, 20mg of bicarbonate of soda and 100ml of water

Step two

Pour the 100ml of water into a saucepan on high heat until it reaches boiling point, then add the dry ingredients and turn down the heat to let it simmer

Step three

Continue mixing until the mixture resembles a mash like consistency, then take the saucepan off the heat

Step four

Remove the mixture from the saucepan and let it cool on a plate/surface

Step five

Mould the material onto a plastic structure/sheet and let it airdry for 24-48 hours

Step six

When the material is dry, it should be darker brown in colour with a rough texture- remove it from the plastic mould/sheet.

The final materials is a strong but brittle material, with a natural reddish hue from the avocado pit and clay like texture. It could be used as a decorative bowl/ coaster or just as a material itself.

The quatities I gave create 1x A4 sheet of composite (or 1 small bowl and 1 coaster).