Variations for Cardboard gelatin biomaterial


Cardboard gelatin biomaterial

Created By: Jiaqi Gao   CSM BA Textile Design  
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Step one

Pour 200ml of water into a vessel and then add 5g of sodium alginate. Stir the mixture well. Next add vinegar and let the mixture stand for 10 minutes, then stir.

Step two

Then add add glycerine/glycerol and the 2.5 grams of gelatine. Let sit for five minutes.

Step three

Heat the mixture to 95 degrees, then turn to low heat. Add the cardboard pieces (I used an express box) and mix well. The texture of the material will depend on the size and shape of the pieces you greated of the cardboard e.g.: torn cardboard pieces will give a different texture to shredded o hand-cut pieces.

Step four

Place the mixture in a plastic tray and let it sit until it cools down to shape.

Step five

Put the material into a well ventilated place to air dry.