Variations for Gelatin paint


Gelatin paint

Created By: Yujie Bai   CSM BA Textile Design  
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Gelatin plastics, Natural Dyes

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Step one

Put the gelatin powder and glycerin into cold water. Then turn on the heat and keep stirring the mixture until the water boils, and the mixture emits small bubbles.

Step two

Mix the natural dyes. You coul create your own natural dyes from plants or if it is a powder you can mix it with hot water and put it in cups for later use (note: only a little hot water is enough to mix the dye). Sometimes a small amount of starch or flour is used if you want an opaque colour. You may need to stir the natural dye mixtures right before using as the sediment of the powders can settle.

Step three

Put the gelatin mixture cooked in the first step into prepared cups of different colors and stir. You may want to note down and measure out the quantities used as the amount of liquid placed (or injected if you use a syring to measure) into each cup depends on the intensity of the color that is created.

Step four

Prepare a flat, non-stick surface that is level. You can start painting with the natural dye paints!

Note: if your mixture is very liquid, you may need to vary the amount of gelatin, the kind of gelatin and experiement with the differences in the natural dyes used as all of these factors can affect the painting and the final outcomes.