Variations for Mangosteen peel sheet


Mangosteen peel sheet

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Step one

After you eat the fruit, you need to scoop out the softest part of the fruitshell that remains, separating it from the harder peel.
For this recipe, you only use the inside/soft part of the fruit. 
Note: You can place the peel to that side to use later for a natural dye, or you can compost the peel.

Step two

Cut this soft part of the fruit into small pieces.

Step three

Once you ahve small pieces, you can then grind these pieces into even smaller pieces. You may need to wait till they are a littler drier, but you can also try this when they are fresh and soft.

Step four

The next step is to boil the soft fruit peel in 200 ml of water for 15 minutes. This will vary depending on the kind of cooker and hob you have.

Step five

Drain the water out after the 15 minutes. Again you could save this water to use in a different kind fo material research in the future.

Step six

Wait for the mangosteen pulp to cool down a bit. You can then shape the mixture onto a flat area or into a mould.

Step seven

Leave the formed mangosteen pulp to dry in the form or on the flat surface for a couple of days. The length this takes will vary depending on the temperature and humidity of the room.

The time of year can also affect how fast the material dries.