Variations for Apple Peel & Agar Composite


Apple Peel & Agar Composite

Created By: FabLab U. de Chile  
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Step one

Add 100 ml of water to a glass or metal recipient.

Step two

Add agar agar, Calcium propinate and Grycerol to the mix

Step three

Start stirring the mix until it dissolves into liquid.

Step four

Start heating the mix, It can be done with a common cooking pot, or a magnetic stirrer, then add the thermometer, it should reach 75-80 °C.

Step five

When the mix reaches 75-80°C, add the apple peel, its very important to add the peel at this step to ensure the quality of the mix. otherwise it will burn the peel.

Step six

Deposit the mix in a mould, plate or any surface you want to replicate

Step seven

Wait for 3 to 5 days to ensure the mix is dry and ready to use.