Variations for Cherry Pit & Agar Composite


Cherry Pit & Agar Composite

Created By: FabLab U. de Chile  
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Step one

In a bowl mix the water, agar agar, glicerol, calcium propinate, and mix untill its disolved

Step two

Heat the mix until reaches 70-80 °C, keep stirring while it heats.

Step three

Add the cherry pits powder, keep stirring for a couple of minutes at 80°C.

Step four

Pour the mix into the petri dish, or in any mold you want to use.

Step five

At the next day, add any form you want to stamp to the mold, we use different stencil shapes. Then and add a source of light, we recommend direct sun light or white light. Repeat this process for 4 to 6 days until the mix is dry.