Imagine if all our materials were nutrients.

Step into a forest. Dive under the ocean. All the biomass around you - all the living and dying and building of habitat - is a vast and continual production of materials. And yet forests have no landfill, the ocean no waste water. For billions of years, plants and animals have evolved to make materials with a particular set of ingredients that other organisms know how to source, use, breakdown, and use again. It’s time we took notes.

Materiom provides open source recipes and data on materials made from abundant sources of natural ingredients, like agricultural waste. By making this knowledge open, we accelerate materials development and lower barriers to entry in materials markets around the world. We work with companies, cities and communities to support the development of local biomaterial supply chains that nourish local ecologies and economies.


Hubs are centers of regional expertise, creating a feedback loop between local sourcing and market application, and our international network for materials R&D. Hubs work together on collective material challenges to accelerate innovation and implementation for a regenerative circular economy.

Advisory Board

Michael Pawlyn

Director, Exploration Architecture

Tomas Diez

Founder, Fab City Research Laboratory

Mara Balestrini

CEO, Ideas for Change

Michael Werner

Lead for Safer Chemistry and Product Sustainability, Google

Sarah Mann, Director

Architecture Design Fashion, The British Council

Santanu Chaudhuri

Director, Accelerated Materials Research, Illinois Applied Research Institute

Heather Corcoran

Lead for European Design and Technology Outreach, Kickstarter

Mark Miodownik

Professor of Materials and Society, University College London Mechanical Engineering

Simon Widmar

Project Manager Circular Design, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Uli Becker

Startup advisor, former CEO sporting goods executive

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